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Why Fountain Friendly Stationery is here…

Months and months ago I was whining (a lot) that I could not afford to buy the 100+ sheets of the only Fountain Friendly decorative stationery I had discovered for sale in North America… I’d need 100 sheets or more a month to keep up with my Pen Pal habit and the lovely sheets were featured in the too small A5 10-20sheet sets. with too high of a price tag with shipping for the likes of me.

So I had to handle my needs for myself and started to play around with lots of brands of copy paper to find the fountain friendly yet light weight offerings (I discovered a nice coated offering made of environmentally sound Sugarcane and Claiefontain’s luxurious A4 paper (sold only in Europe) called Clairmail which is my FAVORITE Fountain Paper EVER!!) And to make my letters more visually delighting for my pen pals I forced myself to figure out lots of ways to decorate a page even though I can’t draw at all and also don’design on a computer.

Within a few months I was getting asked where I had bought my “unique paper” because my friends wanted to check it out for themselves.

Sooooo… long story short, I guess I’m not the only one who wants Fountain Friendly Decorative Stationery cheap enough to supply enough paper to supply enough that I could write with as much of it as I want to!

I make the smallest of profits on these sets because of the the huge amount of ink I’m using and the cost of shipping Clairmail reams to myself from Germany (worth it!)… I don’t mind that I don’t make much though, because I just want every fountain fan pen pal to be excited about their paper and envelopes every time they sit to write a letter!!!